Betty's Book Club SPRING BREAK 2018!!


Spring Break and a whole lotta time off is just around the corner for many of us!  Whether you are on a beach, by the pool or curled up in a cozy corner on a rainy day here in Oregon....we have several books for you to choose from!!! These ALL came from our local library so grab them while  you can! (remember...I'm not a writer or a critic...just a girl who LOVES to read!)

Easy, Breezy and quick reads...

Class Mom - Hilarious ins and outs of a class mom from her perspective... if you have ever had a kid in a classroom this will make you giggle! - Highly recommended...easy and light reading!

The Knock off - Reminded me of the Devil wears Prada...but the older, wiser character is the one fighting for her place in a new workplace dominated by screens and social media - Highly recommended - easy and light reading!

Sourdough - If you are gluten free or on some sort of diet that doesn't allow you bread...skip this book...I was salivating during most of it. It's a fun and quirky book following a coder in a San Fran upstart who comes across a centuries old sourdough come to love her persistence of making something so simple as a loaf of bread...I got a lost in the middle for a bit but it's a fun and easy read! - Recommended - and makes you want to go get a loaf of sourdough from your local bakery while reading!

The Rooster Bar - A quick John Grisham thriller! 3 law students on the verge of graduation realize their school and current school loans are involved in a major scam...are they crazy enough to quit right before graduation and expose the entire situation they find themselves in? Highly recommended- easy page turner!

A little bit more deep and interesting...

Aviator's wife - Follows the story of the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh told from his wife's perspective. I love historical fiction especially from a her point of view. - a great book!  - Highly recommended

Beneath a Scarlet Sky - I read this so long ago I hardly remember what it was about but I do remember I loved it!! It's a beautifully written book about a war hero and the lifetime of sacrifices he made.  - Highly recommended

A Gentleman in Moscow - One of my favorites of the year! Written so carefully you bank on every word. A Count is put under house arrest in a hotel in Moscow and you travel with him on his journey with others living or working in the hotel for the next few years.  - HIGHLY recommended 

Turtles all the way down - A young adult novel... I was a little skeptical at first but it was sweet and so well written I just couldn't put it down. You get immersed in the setting and the characters so quickly it will keep you coming back for more. The curiosity of two teenagers leads them to search out a fugitive billionaire...for a reward.., - HIGHLY recommended

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine - I LOVED THIS BOOK! It is being made into a movie so try and read it before it gets released! Eleanor is a quirky woman with a damaged soul living day to day in a socially awkward life..she says exactly what is on her mind (which made me literally laugh out loud several times)...she then meets Raymond..the I.T. guy at her job...Together they "save" an older gentleman named Sammy who helps bring some joy and perspective to each of them. SO GOOD! - HIGHLY recommended

We'll sleep when we're old - This novel revolves around an egomaniac Italian film director who comes up with a plan to save his latest movie that is about to flop. His plan is really just a dirty trick to make a quick buck and ends up risking his entire empire. (All I could think of was Harvey Weinstein while reading this!??)  - Recommended 

Page Turners...

The Child Finder - A little girl goes missing in the Oregon forest and a PI nicknamed "the child finder" is called in to help. This is such an eerie but beautiful book as you follow along with the child finder and what she discovers about her own past while searching. - HIGHLY recommended

The Wife between us - You think its about a typical affair in a marriage and the aftermath of jealousy and revenge...but it's SO MUCH MORE! I thought I had it figured out...not even close! - HIGHLY recommended

Bonfire - A successful woman who escaped her hometown past finds herself right back in that small town again working on a case. It had me going in the first half but fell a little flat in the second. It's a great page turner and I wasn't expecting the end! - Recommended

One of us is Lying - Another great young adult novel that felt like a twisted "Breakfast Club". Several random students find themselves in detention one afternoon and one of them mysteriously drops dead...Told from the perspective of each student... it was hard to put down! - Highly recommended

The Perfect Nanny - This one felt like it was "straight from the headlines"...  The first few words set the tone for what you are about to get into.  It's a pretty horrific beginning and then takes you  back in time to won't be able to put it down...the title says it all! - Highly recommended 

Jackie Mans