Welcome to Betty's Book Club!

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Who doesn't love a good book? In the digital age of social media and instant gratification, sometimes it's a real gift to curl up in a corner and create our own adventure. To take someone else's words and create something so magical and special that it becomes all ours! I LOVE a good book

I am constantly on the hunt for new books...good books...PAGE TURNERS....so why not start a little book club of our own?

I get all of my books at the library so this fun little segment won't cost you a dime. I thought it would be interesting to review a past book I really loved, a newer book I have just finished and then any suggestions that I have recently been given. (I have a list in my phone about a mile long...mostly from magazines, blogs and word of mouth)

I have added links to the books so you can have a visual. These reviews are completely my opinion....based on my taste... so why not share? I tend to lean towards thrillers, biographies, business, a good love story and overall real content!  I don't read much fantasy, sci-fi or series... but if you tell me its good I just may dive in. I would love any suggestions as we go along so feel free to chime in!

Beauty starts from within...so lets start...


From the Past: Broken Harbor - Tana French - 2013 

-An older thriller I just could not put down! It takes place in Ireland in a bankrupt/abandoned "luxury" neighborhood. It opens with a man coming home to the brutal murder of his two children and his wife nowhere to be found. From there it takes you on twists and turns as to what may or may not have really happened. I didn't want to put it down and the more you dive into it the creepier it gets! The characters were interesting and the story was quick! Highly recommended if you are looking for a quick, no brainer, chilling, thriller!

Just put down: 

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike: Phil Knight - 2016

-Being an Oregon Duck I just couldn't wait to read the story of Uncle Phil! It was really good from the starting gates and so much more than I had hoped for! He describes in great detail how he grew up, all the people involved and how the Nike empire came to be. It's actually a simple story with SO much rich history. This book is NOT the typical billion dollar CEO brag book. I love how it started but even more I love where he chose to end it. Reading it made me feel like I was at a giant dinner table... with an Uncle I had just met... telling me a great story...Highly recommended!

Next on the list:

The Woman in Cabin 10 - Ruth Ware - 2016

I have been wanting to read this for a while and I hit the library jackpot a few days ago....stay tuned…

Jackie Mans