To Lash or not to Lash....that is the question…

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When we started Brow Betty almost 9 years ago we only had one other "waxing" place in town. People thought I was CRAZY building a business based on getting your eyebrows and bikini waxed...

Fast Forward to today.. and you can't turn a corner with out seeing a "waxing salon". Nail and Hair salons that have been around for years have now added "and waxing boutique" to their logo...I love the exposure for us but just because you do two brows waxes a day or week doesn't really make you an expert on all.

Over the last few years the trend of Lash extensions has come about. In just a few hours you can have individual lashes "glued" onto your own lashes to create a  full, beautiful set. It is a long, and somewhat spendy service that requires monthly fills so patience as a client is key. I am seeing MANY lash extension "salons" pop up but I have seen very few who are actually experts.

When choosing the right place I want you to be aware of some very important elements: 

Quality of product...Do they use high end lashes? Silk? Mink? how about different options..with curl or flat? What about their adhesives? Are these all legal and safe for they eyes? If they use the good stuff that really works they will be HAPPY to share with you the name brand products they use! Make sure and check out the surroundings as it clean? Run for the hills if not...these are your EYEBALLS and you don't want them contaminated or harmed in any way!

-Are they Licensed through the state of Oregon...and what certifications beyond that? Please make sure whomever you see is not only licensed but has some sort of lash extension certification. Watching a video on Youtube doesn't make you certified. Bigger cities have classes all over but here in the Portland area getting certified is a bit trickier!

-Word of Mouth...if you run into someone at the gym or in a social setting with gorgeous lashes ASK THEM who they see! If they love them they will gush...and if they cheated and went elsewhere and had a bad experience...they will spill that information as well! 

What if you want beautiful lashes but can't afford the time or money?

I personally have long, thick lashes but they are very faint on the ends so lash tinting (which we do at all Brow Betty salons) is the only thing I need. If I need a little drama in the evening then here are a few of my tops picks....

Velour Lashes - a more high end brand with lots of options in the $29 range

House of Lashes - great quality and options in the $12 range

Make Up For Ever Lash show - These are my personal favorites...good quality and lots of choices in the $18 range

Ardell Lashes - If you are out on the town not expecting those lashes to come back...then these are the best! A much cheaper option for the night! Great options for $3-5 and sold at Target, Ulta etc...

And last but not least....

Magnetic Lashes!!! By One Two Lash 


I read about these not too long ago and I am dying to try! They are on back order but hopefully arriving in a month or so. They use tiny magnets to "click" in the top and bottom lash! I am so fascinated by these! They are a bit spendy ($59-$69/case of 4 sets) but are reusable and look like they can last a long time! 

Let me know if you have any other favorites or have tried the magnetic ones! We are always looking for the best to recommend! - J

Jackie Mans