For us Oregonians... that means we spend every precious moment finding just the right mountain to climb or river to float...

For me... summer in Oregon just cannot be beat! Why else would I sit in the rain for 9 months out of the year?? Whether it's a simple day trip... or a week long vacay with the fam... I am all about the perfect spot, with the perfect beverage and the perfect book! It's time to RELAX and enjoy the heat!!!

I have stepped away from JUST thrillers for a bit and put together a list of my favorite new and old "must-haves" for your next easy, breezy, summer spot....ENJOY!!! -J

( Please remember...these are just recommendations from a girl who loves to read..ALL of and old...can be found at your local library!)

Astonish Me - a poetic look at love and sacrifices..

Maybe in Another Life - a "sliding doors" kind of book...the choice is hers...

A Fine Imitation - a 1920's socialite, an affair with a mysterious painter and a past she cannot get rid of...

The Child - A tiny skeleton is found in the debris of an old house about to be demolished...who was she...LOTS of back and forth with dates but hang in there its a good one!

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper - LOVED this simple book...a widow's adventure..uncovering his late wife's past... all through a charm bracelet he found..

The Perfume Collector - a newlywed socialite from the 50's comes across an unusual inheritance...Simple but so so good

This Must Be the Place - a complicated love story with an even more complicated past...

The Dinner  - an unspeakable act is committed by a teenager...two couples come together at dinner to unravel the twisted truth..what would you do? (made into a movie now so read first!)

Into the Water - I wanted to love it but TOO CONFUSING..not as quick as Girl on the Train...Too many characters and plots going on that I had to back track way more than necessary...If you can stick with it and figure out who is's a good beach thriller..

Watch Me Disappear - A woman vanishes into thin air...a father and daughter come together to find out what really happened..

Final Girls - Haven't read!!! SO excited to read this one... next on my list!

Jackie Mans