Spring Break is almost here! Is your Betty ready?

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Spring Break is almost here which means most of Oregon will be heading South or West to soak up some much needed sunshine! Betty fills up quickly during the week prior to spring break...we will be hard at work cleaning up some areas that haven't seen the sun in a very loooooong time!

Never had a bikini or brazilian wax before? Here are a few tips to try before you come and see us......

 BE CLEAN!! Please try and come freshly showered!

• Hair needs to be at least ¼ to ½ inch long….10-14 day stubble.

• Caffeine and alcohol can create acidity in the body, making skin more sensitive. Try to abstain prior to service.

• Taking an Advil or Motrin ½ hour before the service can sometimes help with pain and inflammation.

• A gentle body scrub prior to service will help eliminate dead cells around skin pores and hair follicles, making your waxing service easier.

• CHILL!!!   Mental preparation is the most important…..if you come in relaxed and ready to go you will have a much more pleasant experience!

We look so forward to seeing you so please give us a call or jump online and reserve your spot for a spring break clean up! See you soon! - J

Jackie Mans