Are you headed to the sun for Spring Break? Ready to shed that fur coat?? We specialize in brow waxing...but did you know that we also do full body waxing? Our team can work miracles on brows which makes them absolutely flawless in the back room! 

Some of our full body waxing terms can be confusing so let me explain what our most requested are... Our bikini wax is to remove all hair a finger or two within your bikini line, a nice clean look. Our "Hi-Hollywood" is all hair gone front to back EXCEPT a small strip is left in the front. Our "full-betty" is ALL HAIR GONE FRONT TO BACK, it's our version of the traditional Brazilian! 

We do book up quick so you can click right here on our website or just give us a call at any of our locations and we will be happy to help you!

If Spring Break doesn't mean anything to you then beat the crowds and come during spring break week which is the last week of March this year! 

ENJOY THE SUN and we will see you soon! -J

Jackie Mans