Betty's Book Club!

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Remember...I am NOT a writer....I just love to read books and these are my quick thoughts on ones I have loved in the past or just recently read! Beauty starts from lets go! - J

From the Past:
The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern - 2012

-This one is so hard to describe but it was just so beautiful and mind-blowing I could not put it down! It takes place in the early 1900's, the overall main setting is a mysterious black and white circus that suddenly appears in towns overnight. It follows two magicians since their youth, being taught by different mentors, and unbeknownst to them they are pitted against each other in a lifelong game of magic. I don't want to say too much but when their paths finally cross many gut wrenching decisions need to be made! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who want to get caught up in this magical tale! 

Just put down: The Woman in Cabin 10 - Ruth Ware -2016 

-I really, really want to love this one and I just didn't... The first half of the book moved really slow and all the character names were so confusing I had a hard time keeping track of everyone. It takes place on a private cruise that has been set up to include the wealthy owners, a few of their friends and various news writers and photographers. The main character (who was very unbelievable and boring...felt like a knock off from Girl on a Train) sees and hears something she shouldn't have and then spends the rest of the book trying to explain what she saw. The second half gets much better with many twists and turns of the mystery to the end. I wasn't crazy about the ending. If you are looking for a no brainer, somewhat of a page turner you might like this one. Stick to one glass of wine prior to reading or you'll just get lost. It just wasn't for me..Not recommended.

Valley of the Gods: A Silicon Valley Story - Alexandra Wolfe  - 2017

-I Grabbed this one because I am so curious about what really happens in Silicon Valley. It was an easy, witty read with some interesting stories! The book follows several kids who opt out of very prestigious colleges to live and work in the craziness of Silicon Valley. It has some great name dropping and story telling of how these kids rise, fall and then rise up again in hopes of becoming the next Zuckerberg. It was fun to have a peek inside this crazy 24/7 lifestyle! Recommended!

Next on the List: All is Not Forgotten - Wendy Walker - 2016

I have no idea what this is about so I am excited to read! It's a long one so here we go....

Recently Recommended: The Nix, I'll take you there, Them, All grown up, Just Mercy, The Queen's necklace.....please feel free to add to my list! 

Jackie Mans